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Hello and welcome to the new SportsEngine website for youth sports in Menomonie. Menomonie Youth Sports is a loosely formed collective of representatives from various non-profit youth sports organizations throughout Menomonie.

One of the groups' main objectives is to use our collective resources and interests in getting kids active, to create a single website to serve as a reference point for information on all the opportunities that are available for youth recreation in Menomonie. This new website is our attempt at doing just that. Here, you'll find representation from over 10 non-profit sports and recreation organizations.  

We hope that you will find this new website helpful in identifying and navigating all of the opportunities that exist for youth in Menomonie. Please keep in mind that each of the organizations listed on this site are independently operated and governed. For that reason, you will experience various degrees of integrated functionality within SportsEngine for each of them. Some will have full functionality and allow for online registration and payment, while others may redirect to a different website for those functions, and others may not be able to provide them online at this time.

Many of us are new to website design and content creation so please be patient with us as we work collectively to improve the functionality of this website and grow participation in youth sports throughout Menomonie. 

Thank you! 


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